Body Repair

The proof is in the pulling...
We use Chief EZ Liners and have recently purchased a Brewco Bench with the Photo Optic measuring system for unmatched frame repair precision.
These repair systems gently and accurately pulls out damage, returning your vehicle to the manufacturer's precise specifications.

Finish work is also vital for restoring the look of your vehicle. Our technicians use special care to achieve a smooth perfectly matched paint application.
When you pick up your repaired vehicle Benny & Sons, you'll see a beautiful, showroom quality finish.


Benny & Sons Collision Centers, Inc. has a Down Draft Spray Bake oven.

In our temperature controlled booth, your finish will be applied at approximately 72 degrees, and then "Baked" on at 140 degrees.  This ensures you receive the closest to "factory finish" available.

Properly matching finishes found on today's vehicles requires special expertise in application techniques.

Our painters combine the latest techniques, skill, and products to create a "never been damaged" quality finish.

We have our own paint mixing system, therefore color match is almost never a problem.

The system allows us to mix Base Coat/Clear Coat, Acrylic Enamel, and One Stage.

Our painters take every precaution to ensure the final finish matches your original paint in both appearance and protect and preserve the value of your vehicle.

Our painting expertise allows us to deliver only the highest quality of paint work.


We're proud to be recognized as the leader in consumer safety and trust!