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Benny & Sons Collision Centers, Inc. works very closely with several different insurance companies.

Benny & Sons, along with your insurance company wants your vehicle properly repaired and you to be completely satisfied with the service.

If an agreement cannot be reached between your insurance company and the repair shop, most insurance policies have an "appraisal clause" where by an independent appraiser can be called in to help resolve the matter.

You are not required by law to get more than one estimate.

You may use the shop of your choice to make the repairs.  You are not required to use a shop selected by a claims adjuster.

Only you, the owner, can authorize repairs on your vehicle.

Repair estimates will vary in totals.   A lower estimate may not be the best estimate.  It's your vehicle, make sure it's repaired to your satisfaction!

Our shop is ready to assist you in any of your needs.  We will work with you to minimize your inconvenience and maximize your satisfaction.

If you have any other questions, please call, and Thank You for choosing Benny & Sons Collision Centers, Inc. for your repairs.